Colour trend for decorating your home in spring

living space

Seasons are a fantastic opportunity for revamping and enhancing your home. As winter is turning a corner, introducing new pieces and experimenting with fresh colours and lines is the thing to do in spring. Find here some spring decorating ideas that will make your space pop, blossom and bloom:

Earth tones, green velvets and metalic textures…

This time of the year, try some ray and earthy shades, like clay, terracota and ochre, as they evoque our emerging garderns and new blooming trees. Deep green is also a beautiful tone replacing tree white, beige and stone. The colour does not need to be restricted to a country look and feel but does warm up spaces and provides an organic freshness to any scheme. Lush energising greens in interiors will be a major feature whether it is a bold palm print wallpaper, or a silk cushion. Combine this colour scheme with glamorous metalic side tables and you will achieve the perfect match in your living space!

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