Home Staging

When selling a house, the goal is to increase the number of viewings made by potential buyers and therefore, improve the chances of selling the property quickly and at a good price.

Home staging a property is particularly important in a challenging market when buyers feel the need to reduce the asking price. Presenting a house in pristine condition with the appropriate styling and accessories; a good layout; an attractive frontage and garden together with dealing with any necessary repairs will all improve the seller’s position when setting a price and later negotiating with buyers.

Home Staging for Sale or Rent

As an Interior Designer, I offer my clients a consultation aimed at furnishing and styling homes for sale or rent. With an extensive range of furniture, artwork and accessories available for hire, I can use them to complement existing items in a home, or fully furnish an empty property.

My focus is to increase the appeal of a property to potential purchasers, which in turn will help to achieve a premium sale price. By introducing the right combination of colour and texture through the use of furniture, art and soft furnishings, value is instantly added to the home.