Office Interior

The main aspects of this project included the creation of an open working space that was appealing to staff and would enable maximum productivity.

The project plan put in place for an office space in Ballymount involved a relocation of the show rooms and staff offices. The aim was to offer a new distinctive contemporary and colourful open plan workplace and achieve the goal of a “great place to work”. We are taking new trends into account and turning the office into a home from home work environment.

The Interior Design Project:
The challenge was to offer a design concept aimed at using the space for both showroom and workplace environment. Proper cable management solutions in open spaces and meeting rooms was also key to improving the visual environment. All of this added to the effect of creating an atmosphere that would make going to work a pleasure rather than a chore.

The main aspects of this project include the creation of an open working space that was appealing to the staff and would enable the maximum productivity. Also, the concept design included the introduction of meeting rooms beside the open working space without compromising the privacy. A new open plan canteen offers the staff the perfect environment for socialising in a contemporary space. This area is also used by the sales group to meet with clients during their initial consultation briefing.

The Result:
The result is a very inviting working space that serves the purpose of a showroom for prospective clients wishing to see how their office needs would work in a real workspace environment.