Interior Design tips for Halloween

Is it possible to celebrate Halloween without turning your home into a haunted house? You can celebrate now this season with fresh new and stylish ideas that will make the delight of your guests.

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for! There are all sorts of new ideas to turn your home into a black and orange wonderland, at least for the month of October. You can now use pumpkins as a truly unique feature in your leaving room: combine them with sprayed white or gold painted versions. They will add the perfect amount of glam to your home.

Although pumpkins are a tried and true autumn staple, today’s design aficionados are making their pumpkins truly unique. Spray painting orange pumpkins to match your interior design scheme is a major trend this year. Whether you love neutrals or rainbow hues, matching your pumpkins to your overall decorating style is a fun twist on classic fall decor. Gold painted pumpkins are another fun option. These add the perfect amount of glam to Halloween vignettes throughout your home.

Gothic accent pieces cannot go wrong with a few of them placed strategically around your house. One great option is to buy stick-on wallpaper in bats shape patterns. They can be taken down after the Halloween holiday, but will totally change the look of a space during October. You can add more drama by using grey, white, black and orange as your colour palette for your cushions and accessories.

Hopefully, these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and you are well on your way to creating a spookily decorated home that will be the talk of the town!

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