How to keep your home cosy this winter

Interior Design Master Bedroom

The winter season is ideal for house proud owners. You bundle up and layer your wardrobe from top to bottom in the latest trends while keeping warm and cosy. However, when you turn to look at your home, that comfort may disappear, leaving you with an uneasy feeling of discomfort…

If your home feels like an igloo in early winter, interior design styles can turn this all around with a fireplace installation. But apart from this, what else can we do?

Add texture to your bedroom:
A rustic basket to hold odds and ends, a living plant, even better when it’s a fragrant herb like the lavender grown here and floors covered up with a thick area rug if the room doesn’t have carpet all add up to a warm welcome. Switch out your smooth cotton duvet cover or comforter for a fur blanket and add extra warmth to your toes with a fuzzy throw blanket folded across the foot of the bed. Finish the scene with cushions covered in velvet or another thick fabric. The idea is to add a variety of heavy textures rather than the smooth surfaces that cool you down in the summer.





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