New Year’s Eve Party Interior Decoration Tips


If you’re hosting a New Year’s dinner party you should know that your dining room is going to be under the spotlight this holiday season. Give your dining room decor an easy update and create the perfect setting for a good old fashioned New Year’s Eve styling tips.

Embrace country charm and forage for foliage to decorate your dining table. Delicately scatter them around the middle of your table to create an enchanting, festive woodland frame for your centrepiece. You can also use a selection of herbs in different size pots to create an interesting focal point on your table that has a natural, organic feel.
Combine textures and materials throughout your dining room such as whitewashed walls which will provide a clean and crisp backdrop for industrial-look steel and oak. Contrast a palette of icy grey and white and incorporate cosy faux fur and warmth from candlelight.

Display a collection of fresh foliage wreaths or opt for faux versions above your mantelpiece. I would be wise to invest in an extended dining table if you’re expecting lots party guests but don’t have space for large furniture all year round.

Incorporate elements of the rustic Scandinavian style and dress your table with green, white and grey palette. This classic yet contemporary colour combination is a top trend!

Enjoy your party with friends and family!

I wish you all the happiness in the world for the New Year 2019!

Luxurious Christmas colour scheme for your home


At only just weeks left and Santa’s reindeers fast approaching, it is time to consider how to decorate your home this Christmas. Why not trying a new look incorporating gold and surprise your family with a fresh new approach to these festivities?

From soft, aged tones to brassy and rich bronze shades, gold adds warmth and elegance. It is a no-brainer at Christmas, but gold can be used as an accent colour all year round to lift and finish a simple room scheme. Gold is required in the cold months of winter. It signifies the gift of the eternal life and the giving nature. The colour gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this colour implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance.

Do not be afraid and go for gold! Embrace this colour this Christmas and have a luxurious quality time with your love ones!

Happy Christmas to all of you!

Interior Design Trend for summer 2018: Cocooning



Have you heard of cocooning? This is a tendency originated from the 90’s consisting on relaxing at home and staying away from socialising. This trend, also known as nesting, is now developing into a new style of decoration aimed creating spaces for relaxation purposes.

Cocooning is used to create an enjoyable feeling of isolation, something that is very simple to achieve if we stay away from the busy cities and move into natural spaces, like rivers, lakes, mountains or beaches. We do not need large rooms; we just aim at promoting comfort and well being. We try to create relaxing spaces, mimicking the environment or bringing the peace from the outside into our living rooms.

We are proposing to take a close look at sostainable materials that do not conflict with the atmosphere that surrounds these buildings. A cottage, a rustic house, a stone wall or a fireplace are elements that allows us to stay away physically and emotionally from the frentic rythm of the busy cities.

This type of almost reclusive retirement is not something that we can enjoy every day, unless you have a home in the country. However, the cocooning style can also be applicable to you home in the city. You could also transform your space as a warm, comfortable and cosy environment that could be enjoyed with your family and guests, a place that you would not want to leave.

Light is a very important aspect to consider to achieve a warm atmosfere in your home, but special accessories, vegetation, souvenirs, unique crafts produced in remote places and DIY creations can also help to promote this natural and comfortable space.

Enjoy cocooning this hot summer season and experience your home like an oasis in the middle of the caotic city buzz! Don’t forget to invite me!