How to keep your home cosy this winter

Interior Design Master Bedroom

The winter season is ideal for house proud owners. You bundle up and layer your wardrobe from top to bottom in the latest trends while keeping warm and cosy. However, when you turn to look at your home, that comfort may disappear, leaving you with an uneasy feeling of discomfort…

If your home feels like an igloo in early winter, interior design styles can turn this all around with a fireplace installation. But apart from this, what else can we do?

Add texture to your bedroom:
A rustic basket to hold odds and ends, a living plant, even better when it’s a fragrant herb like the lavender grown here and floors covered up with a thick area rug if the room doesn’t have carpet all add up to a warm welcome. Switch out your smooth cotton duvet cover or comforter for a fur blanket and add extra warmth to your toes with a fuzzy throw blanket folded across the foot of the bed. Finish the scene with cushions covered in velvet or another thick fabric. The idea is to add a variety of heavy textures rather than the smooth surfaces that cool you down in the summer.





Interior Design Tips for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re seeing the colour red just about everywhere—in our homes perhaps more than anywhere else. So in honour of Cupid’s day on the calendar, here are some red-inspiring interiors for you—and your loved one. Apply the colour of passion, romance and energy into your home? Your Valentine’s Day should undoubtedly be bright and memorable.

Now expressing your true feelings can be done in many ways… It is important you get right, as your partner will appreciate it with affection…

Look at these great Valentine’s Day home ideas. They will guarantee a loving feeling into your home this romantic season…

Replacing the traditional colour seating arrangements and accessories with red and pink.

As an added bonus, décor that isn’t holiday-specific means it can be used long after February 14.Red will always energise your space and will give you a bold and striking touch to your home. For the more daring, brighter reds may be a brave move that will give your room a real personality. A set of chairs and a table works very well with purple and washed green tones for the rest of the room.


Interior Design for Valentines day




CA Homebase

Conversion of a designated space on the Croften Road into a multi level retail unit with a strong identity based on cutting edge design.

The retail unit specializes in “Homewear” consisting of 4 departments.

  1. Kitchen-wear
  2. China & Crystal
  3. Linens
  4. Soft furnishing & accessories.

I concentrated on the quality of materials used, combined with new technologies ensuring the retail space was of a high calibre.

Bright ideas

Modern Lighting: The Mason Jar

With an ever-increasing collective interest in sustainability and environmental consciousness, upcycling common household products has elevated itself to an art form.  In particular, classic Mason jars — Ball and Kerr brands, in particular — have become the darling of the movement.  So, enjoy this retro-modern mason jar lights in a series of unorthodox but fetching modern lighting idea. Here is yet another option for lighting up your life in an eco-friendly way.


Now that work can be done anywhere, what qualifies as an office?

How can you create the personal feeling of? The perfect future model of the office is a place to interact, not to sit in a cubicle all day.

Consumer desires are being transferred to the office and we expect a level of sophistication that rivals home entertainment technology. That changes the office landscape. Dwell, from Steelcase, is an example of this exciting office space, designed to meet the new expectations of the staff.

State Street Art Hotel

Redesign of the State Street Bank located in Dublin Docklands into a Boutique Art Hotel. This new building is a blend of a 4-star hotel with a contemporary art gallery and cultural centre.

The complex includes two Lobbies, two Bar-Restaurants, Guest Rooms, Cultural Centre, Art Galleries and Retail. Geometrical shapes and a contemporary colour palette have been used as part of the concept, serving as a link between the hotel and the galleries. The angular main void is the heart of the building and incorporates an amphitheatre designed to exhibit the art of the main gallery.

This uniquely designed hotel represents a new vision in hospitality, where art is treated as an integral part of daily life.